Circulabs Offers the Next Frontier
in Face and Body Contouring

Revolutionary, new at-home topical skin treatments that dramatically defines and slims the face and body. With age, comes the gradual “de-sculpting” of the skin. Double chins, fuller faces, cellulite, and dimples in the body—these are all highly noticeable signs of aging that, before Sculpt Secret, required drastic dieting or surgical procedures.

A bonafide beauty breakthrough, the new Sculpt Secret sculpting products instead use a potent, proprietary IsoSculpt Complex along with massaging Chromium CircuSphere applicators to contour the face and body, shaving both pounds and years off your appearance without dieting, pills, or surgery.


Leading Experts Respect the Science Behind Sculpt Secret

ordernow_sub“I’m thrilled that Sculpt Secret is being introduced as a safe, non-surgical treatment option. There’s nothing like this on the market right now that gives an outcome similar to non-invasive procedures performed in-office.  Sculpt Secret offers a new chemical thermal technology which allows the serum to help contour and define the appearance of the face, including neck area, double chins, cheekbones and jaw line.”

-Dr. Shirley Medhere
renowned plastic surgeon and beauty expert.