How It Works

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Exclusive Isosculpt Complex

The secret behind Sculpt Secret is its exclusive IsoSculpt Complex which harnesses the benefits of a rare, purified seaweed extract harvested from the Mediterranean Ocean at specific times of the year. This precious ingredient goes through a patented nano-filtration process that isolates the most bioactive parts of the plant.

The prized extract and other powerful botanical extracts such as nutrient-rich Gotu Kola extract—a Malaysian plant extract packed with healthy minerals and Vitamins A, B, C, and D—join together to promote drainage within skin cells to targeted areas for slimming, smoothing and rejuvenating the appearance of the skin.


Activated By Massaging Circuspheres
for Enhanced Sculpting Effect

ordernow_subFacial Contouring Serum is uniquely packaged with an applicator consisting of five “Chromium CircuSpheres” which gently massages the key areas of the face, instantly stimulating microcirculation to enhance the sculpting process.